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"The Courage to Be Kind" 

Big news! The book that my good friend Jenny and me wrote, " The Courage to Be Kind", "Who would you be: Same or Ellie" is published and available for purchase! We are so excited to share this with you! Please go to the section on this websited titled "The Courage to Be Kind" to find out more!

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We are commited to bringing an impactful, memorable, and teachable experience to you! In order to continue this important work we are in the process of incorporating with the state of Illinois. 

Contact through email or via the Art of Compassion facebook page for more information and  for pricing!

Support our friends

My Mary Cate is a good friend of ours and she and her mother help to spread kindness all over the chicagoland area, please visit her page to learn more and how you can support.

Also our friend Katie Driscoll, is the founder of Changing the face of beuaty. An incredible organization that strives to bring more people with differences to the forefront of advertising. We fully support their efforts in making inclusion a reality!