We teach children at a very young age to notice and categorize differences. While this is imperative to their growth and development, we need to differentiate between categorizing objects and addressing people.

Established in 2015, Art of Compassion is dedicated to creating a higher level of acceptance, appreciation and understanding of physical differences among parents and children in our community. Parents and teachers, are on a search for tools to help facilitate conversations that at times can be difficult. Through,photography, conversations, personal experience,and more, Art of Compassion allows for the dialogue to ignite a change in our behavior. Rather than building a better world for our children, we are helping to mold greater children to better our world.

How We Work

Art of Compassion believes that children at any age can begin to understand their world with a sense of empathy, compassion and maturity. The goal is to teach at an age appropriate level and relate information to their own experiences.

  1. Begin by acknowledging what makes you different and unique.
  2. Better to ask questions than to stare or ignore.
  3. It is not what you say, it is how you say it. 





About Us

Art of Compassion

We have built relationships with The Nora ProjectChanging the Face of BeautyAblefindermyFace, and many others!